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 COBO was abandoned by his owners and is looking for a kind home

Frightened and hungry after being dumped, Cobo sought shelter in the woodshed of a nearby house. Although the owners would have been happy to take him in, their elderly cat-hating dog made it impossible for him to stay.  So they asked Les Amis to help and Cobo was taken into foster care since when he has been castrated, chipped, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/FeLV.  His fosterer says he is a delightful cat – a perfect gentleman!  He is friendly, affectionate with people he knows, clean, and at not yet two years old still enjoys playing.  While living in the woodshed he also showed himself to be an accomplished rodent exterminator.

Cobo would be an excellent choice for someone who wants a young cat but doesn’t want the extra responsibilities of taking on a small kitten.  He has shown no sign of being territorial so should get along well with other amenable cats. Because he is used to going outside he would need a garden or access to outside space but he is generally an easygoing  and adaptable chap.

He is in foster in 82 St Antonin Noble Val but we can help him travel to the right home elsewhere in France.  If you are looking for a happy and healthy young cat to join your family then Cobo wants you to know his suitcase is packed ready and waiting – so please contact us.

Cobo’s rescuers have made a little video to show what a relaxed and personable cat he is – here is the link.

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