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This handsome tabby definitely has some maine coon heritage – his size, his luxurious fur and big bushy tail, are all hallmarks of the breed. Coucou and two other cats were relegated to the garden and fed by a friend when their owner died last year. They came into the care of Les Amis before Christmas; one was adopted and a foster home was found for the other two for the winter.  Coucou’s friend now has a new home and Coucou too needs to find his forever family.

His fosterer describes him as ‘a total cuddle bug’.  He is very sociable, laidback and loving but definitely likes to be top cat.  Although he doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body and has lived happily with other cats and dogs he expects to be first in line when a lap is available and enjoys any amount of attention.  He is confident and curious and will make an excellent companion – he definitely needs access to a garden or outside space.

At four years old Coucou is still a young cat; he is chipped, sterilised and his vaccinations will be up to date.  He is currently living in 81 (Tarn) but we can help him move elsewhere in France. If you are looking for a lap cat, Coucou is definitely looking for a lap so we will be delighted to introduce you!

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