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Dorie came to us in the summer after breaking her femur very badly in an accident.  She had surgery followed by convalescence and physio and is now fully mobile again though she still has a slight limp.  She also has a shorter tail than is usual though not from the accident – it has probably always been a part of who she is. At only two years old and back to good health Dorie has her whole life ahead of her.  She is chipped, sterilised, fully vaccinated and is now enjoying access to the garden though she never strays far.

This affectionate little cat has blossomed in foster care – she is a happy and sociable soul, and an excellent companion.  She went into foster care as an only cat but was recently joined by another rescue; although she was not keen on sharing attention at first, she has now accepted her fellow fosterling and we feel she does not necessarily need to be an only pet.

Dorie is currently living in LOURDES  but we can help her travel elsewhere in France.  If there is space on your sofa for this cuddly cat then Dorie would love to join you.

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