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This handsome longhaired cat loves people, is fine with dogs, but prefers to be the only feline in the household. Living with a large group of cats as he is now, he is inclined to be a bully.  His owner is having to downsize to rented accommodation and is afraid that with less space Gabriel will find it even more difficult to share his territory.  He would be much happier in a home with no other cats.

Gabriel (Gabby) is four years old, chipped and sterilised though his vaccinations need bringing up to date. He is healthy and sociable, enjoys the garden, and is happy to spend time with his family, outside or in.

Gabby is currently living in south Haute Vienne 87500 but help to get him to a new home elsewhere in France could probably be arranged.  If this friendly young cat would fit well into your family then please contact us – we will pass on all enquiries to his owner.

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