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This is three-year-old Jasper, now totally recovered after his traffic accident and just full of joie de vivre!  Which is where the problem lies …he is in foster with a view to adoption with someone who works in Toulouse and has a delightful house over three floors but it is totally open plan!  Without being able to shut even a bedroom door (there is a sleeping gallery) Jasper has the complete run of the house and being a lively and companionable cat he thinks the hours of 2- 5am are perfect for playtime with his human.  After a few weeks trial together it is clear that Jasper needs a different kind of home arrangement where night-time boundaries can be respected and his current fosterer – who loves him to bits – can avoid falling asleep at his desk at work. It is not a problem that ever arose with his previous fosterer as he was perfectly accepting of closed doors – the problem is where there aren’t any!

Jasper is a very sociable cat and loves people of all ages.  His encounters with other cats were not promising but at the time he was still recovering from his accident so he may have felt at a disadvantage.  He would probably be OK with cat-friendly dogs.  He’s just a lovely, outgoing cat who isn’t in the right environment at the moment.  He has enjoyed excursions into a city garden under supervision and would love to have freer access to outside space.

Currently in Toulouse, Jasper is castrated, chipped, fully vaccinated and has tested negative for FIV/FeLV.  We can help him travel to the right home elsewhere in France, somewhere that his infectious enthusiasm can be confined to human waking hours – or as the perfect friend for a complete insomniac!   Please contact us today if you can offer him a home.

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