JOHN-DO – a handsome cat with special needs

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UPDATE! We are delighted to report that the acupuncture treatment John-do is receiving is definitely improving his condition. We have our fingers crossed that progress will continue to be made.

John-do is a lovely natured and very gentle five-year-old male cat who is looking for a kind home with someone who can give him the extra attention he needs; because of nerve damage he cannot pee on his own so twice a day (three times is better) he has to be massaged so he can empty his bladder.  He is very accommodating about having this done, and he has no problem pooing normally.  The SPA where he is currently in care has sought every kind of expert advice and all kinds of medication has been tried to help him, sadly with no success.  He is currently being treated by acupuncture to see if that may improve things.  His carer in the refuge says he is very patient and has put up stoically with so much handling and so many examinations – he now really deserves a loving home of his own. He is available either to adopt or through a Longterm foster arrangement where Les Amis cover his vet bills.

John-do is castrated, chipped, fully vaccinated and his worming and flea treatments are up to date.  He has tested positive for FIV but as he is totally non-aggressive and fine with other cats this should not be a problem.  He would probably be better as an inside cat as he needs to be present at regular times for his bladder problem to be dealt with.

We know that most people will not feel willing or able to take on a cat like John-do.  But we hope there will be someone, somewhere who is not daunted by his special needs and can see him for the delightful cat he is.  He is currently in 65 Tarbes but we can help him travel to join his new family, wherever that is in France.

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