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She was a wonderful mum to her five kittens but now they no longer need her Kali is hoping to find a kind home where she can she can settle in as one of the family.

Kali is three years old and is so friendly and at ease with people that she must have been someone’s pet at some stage in her life.  But she came into foster with us having been abandoned at the SPA where she was caring for her five tiny kittens.

Kali is a lovely calm uncomplicated cat. She eats anything, is clean in the house and doesn’t scratch the furniture. She is happiest around people but is not needy or clingy. She loves to be stroked and fussed but is not so keen on being picked up and cuddled.  Kali is healthy and in excellent condition but when she was sterilised she tested positive for FIV, which should not be a problem in a household on her own or with other gentle, non-aggressive cats. She would adapt well to being an inside cat or to a rural environment where contact with any neighbouring cats would be limited.

At the moment Kali is in foster in 46 Pinsac (Lot) but we can help her travel to a new home elsewhere in France or possibly further afield. If you are looking for an undemanding cat  who asks for very little in return for her companionship then Kali would be an excellent choice.

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