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Our first kittens of 2021!

The first kittens of 2021 are now  available for adoption. We already have a waiting list for kittens and priority will be given to those who have completed our ‘application to adopt’ form.  If you have not yet completed a form please send a request to and we will send you one together with details of the requested adoption contribution.  Here are details of the kittens added to our gallery above.

POPPY is a ginger and white female – ADOPTED!
DAISY is a tortoiseshell female
SIMBA is a honey coloured male.
They were reared by their mother (a house cat) until they were around five weeks old but as they were unwanted and in danger of being disposed of, they were taken into foster by a Les Amis volunteer. They are now fully weaned, using their litter tray, and are sociable, affectionate and very lively. Having been raised with other cats and cat-friendly dogs they are confident and outgoing. The kittens have been chipped and have had their first vaccination so are ready for adoption now.. They are currently in  Toulouse but we can help them travel to their new homes elsewhere in France


SPARKY is a tortoiseshell female
SPOOKY is a tabby female. She has a slight cast to one eye but her vision is good.

These two kittens (and their brother Napoleon (who is reserved) are being fostered near 32 Marciac but we can help them travel to their new homes elsewhere in France. Sparky and Spooky were born around April 22nd.  Having been bottle-fed babies they are exceptionally well socialised and affectionate. They will be chipped and vaccinated and ready for adoption now


REBEL is a ginger and white male
SPICE  is also a ginger and white male.

These two brothers have been raised with a large cat-friendly dog and are very confident and lively kittens. They are now chipped and fully  vaccinated and are available for adoption now,  They are currently in 65 Trie sur Baîse but we can help them travel to their new homes elsewhere in France



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* send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
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We have lots more younger kittens in foster – details and pictures soon!