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Our first kittens are ready for their new homes!

Our  first kittens of 2022 can now be seen  in our Kitten Gallery and others will be joining them over the next few weeks.  You can find  more about kitten adoption, including costs, on this website under ‘adopting a cat with Les Amis’.

Where two kittens are adopted together the adoption contribution for the second kitten will be waived.  We truly believe that kittens settle more quickly and are happier when adopted in pairs.  Happy kittens mean happy adopters, as the kittens play together and keep each other company!

All kittens are chipped and vaccinated  and any which have reached six months in foster are sterilised prior to adoption.  If you are interested in adopting a particular kitten or if you want to keep looking for that special one then the first step is to complete an adoption application form which you can find at

If you are looking for that purrrfect little furry person then we look forward to hearing from you.



These gorgeous kittens were raised by their mum and since leaving her have been having a wonderful time in  loving foster homes. Tiko and River have had great fun with the family’s young children and their puppy, and Skippy and Maya have also been living happily with a three-year-old and are used to having another cat around. They are all playful, curious, cuddly and sociable – everything a kitten should be.

The quartet are now eight weeks old; they are chipped and vaccinated and their flea and worming treatments are up to date. Skippy and Maya are being fostered in Toulouse and Tiko and River are not far away in 31 Levignac but we can help them travel to other parts of France. Because we believe that kittens do better and are happier in pairs (less work for the adopter too) the adoption contribution will be waived for the second kitten when two are adopted together.  More about adopting through Les Amis (including the costs) can be found on our website at  If you have been waiting impatiently for the 2022 kittens season to arrive then this delightful foursome are ready for fun and frolics with their new families so contact us today.


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