All kittens that we promote and those in our care have been brought up in a home environment where they have been handled with love and care, are familiar with general household noises, and have learned how to play and to use a litter tray. They are guaranteed to be adopted chipped, vaccinated and in good health. There is also a requirement that adopters commit to sterilisation when they are old enough. Older kittens may already have had this procedure done.

All kittens can be adopted throughout France with home approval.

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This page contains all those kittens that are currently being cared for by LesAmis and are either adopt-ready, or can be reserved.  Please click through the photos to see them.

MONTY: Can you help timid Monty?

Around 3-4 months old, and one of five kittens rescued from a very bad situation by kind volunteers. His brothers and sisters have all found homes but he is still looking. A bit timid but starting to trust – he needs a kind, understanding family of his own.  Currently cared for in Department 46 (Lot).

NOODLE and her brother, WILLY need people with more time for them.

They are lively black and white kittens, with distinguishing face markings.  They are affectionate, playful but sadly their carers cannot give them as much time and attention as they would like, so they are having to spend more time alone than they would like or is good for them.  Coming up three months old, they are nevertheless very used to being handled and cuddled and are fully ready for their forever home. They can be adopted separately or together.  Currently cared for in Department 65 (Hautes-Pyrénées).

Two girlies – each abandoned alone at a very young age – brought up together: 

CRACKLE: Small and confident

Crackle, the tabby, is the elder of the two, now just over nine weeks and chipped and vaccinated ready to go to her forever home. She is an active and inquisitive kitten, quite confident despite her diminutive size; she will probably always be a small cat. She is very cuddly and affectionate once she has tired herself out with playing.  Currently cared for in Department 81 (Tarn)

POPPET: A kitten that is calm and quiet!

Poppet is just coming up to 8 weeks and is a delightful kitten with an unusual personality – very calm, very quiet, loves to sit and watch what is going on around her, especially from someone’s lap! She would be the perfect cat for someone less active who would appreciate a relaxed and relaxing companion.  She would also make the perfect first pet for any young person.  Currently cared for in Department 81 (Tarn).