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Luv was one of those cats that everyone sees around a neighbourhood and just assumes belongs to someone else. Luv lived like that, paw to mouth, for several months before moving into an empty garage.  The garage owner realised that although very friendly and used to people – she would accompany him on his walks with his little dog –  Luv needed a proper home of her own so he contacted a cat rescuer locally who asked us to help.

This sweet-natured cat is now in foster care and is sterilised, chipped, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/FeLV.  Her fosterer says she is exceptionally cuddly and very gentle – a real lap cat – but is missing being able to go out. She will definitely need free access to outside space when she is adopted. The vet has put her age at six and says she is in general good health.

Luv is gradually being introduced to other cats. We think she has never lived with them but with time and patience this may be possible.  But her ideal home would be one with a quiet family where she is on her own, has lots of cuddles and can hunt mice in the garden. She is being fostered in 46 Concots but we can help her travel to a new home elsewhere in France. If you are searching for an affectionate and companionable cat – then you are definitely looking for Luv, so contact us today

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