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This is Marius, a very fine Siamese male who is not quite four years old.  He is healthy, affectionate, and loves to be around people – but he very much dislikes sharing a home with other cats or dogs and can be aggressive towards them.  At the moment he is living in a multi-animal household which is proving very stressful for everyone, including Marius.  His owners are therefore looking for a home for him where he is the only animal and he and his family can interact in peace and harmony.

Marius is sterilised and chipped and his vaccinations will be up to date. He is used to having access to a garden so apartment life would not suit him.  At the moment Marius is living in the Gers but we can help him travel to the right family elsewhere in France.  If you are looking for just one cat to fill a gap in your life then handsome Marius would make an excellent companion. Contact us today for more information.