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Handsome Mellow and his sweet sister Pusscat were adopted from Les Amis two years ago.  Their elderly owner had died and her daughter, who lives the other side of France, asked us to help find them a home.  Since then they have been living happily in Les Landes with the couple who adopted them.

But now their owners are returning to the Netherlands to be with family and both their sons are desperately allergic to cats – so much so that they have not been able to stay with their parents since the cats arrived.  So sadly Mellow and Pusscat need to find a new home  – together, as they have never been apart – and we are doing our best to help that happen.

Mellow and Pusscat are seven years old and are sterilised, chipped and vaccinated.  They are inside/outside cats, very efficient rodent operatives who off-duty are cuddly and affectionate and enjoy spending time with their family (which includes dogs).  They are currently living in 40310 Escalans but we can help them travel to a new home elsewhere in France.  If you need help keeping mice and rats at bay but are looking for more than just a pair of barn cats then Mellow and Pusscat should suit you perfectly so please contact us.

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