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We have no idea why Milo ended up abandoned at a vet’s surgery. He has obviously been well-cared for and is in good health; he adores people and is very at ease in his foster home so he must have been a house cat. It’s a mystery, but when the vet could find no-one locally who knew Milo or would give him a home, we took him into foster care while we looked for a permanent place for him.
Milo is around 18 months old, and has been castrated, chipped and had his first vaccination; the booster will be done before he leaves foster care. He seems very happy with apartment life in Toulouse; provided there are people around to pet him or share a sofa he is quite content. Although Milo is healthy himself, he has tested positive for the FIV virus which he could possibly pass on to other cats so he would be better adopted as the only cat in the household.
Once he has his second vaccination at the beginning of March, Milo will be available for adoption. He is currently in Toulouse but we are willing to help him travel to join his new family elsewhere in France. If you are looking for an exceptionally friendly and affectionate companion then Milo is ready and waiting, so please contact us. .

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