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Molly and her sister Flossie were born in a barn and they and their mother were cared for and fed by a neighbour for several months.  When the neighbour moved abroad the two kittens were well grown, healthy and relaxed with people – certainly not used to fending for themselves.  They came into foster care with Les Amis and have since been chipped, vaccinated and sterilised; they are just under a year old.

Molly is the more dominant and confident of the two sisters and enjoys doing her own thing.  But she is sociable and affectionate and enjoys human company – on her terms, like most cats! – and has been used to living with a friendly dog and other cats while in foster. She is not yet a year old, quite independent but friendly. In her previous life she had ready access to the outside so would be happier in a home with a garden or exterior space. Although Molly coexists peaceably with her sister Flossie, the two are not at all bonded and would be quite happy being adopted separately.

Molly is being fostered in Toulouse but we can help her travel to a new home elsewhere in France.  If you are a fan of black cats then this longhaired black beauty would be the perfect addition to your household so please contact us.

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