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Moz was one of three tiny ginger kittens who arrived in foster already weak and struggling. Sadly Hobnob and Jaffa didn’t make it and Moz’s life too hung in the balance. But he was a fighter and with dedicated foster and vet care he stayed with us and began to thrive. Since then his progress has been amazing – he is lively, very intelligent and quick to learn, and friendly and interested in people (though usually too busy playing to be much of a lap cat!). Early treatment for a cloudy eye mean that the eye is now virtually clear and his vision is fine.
As Moz was missing out on the rough and tumble playtimes he would have had with his siblings, his fosterer introduced him to the most placid and tolerant of her own cats and after many wrestling bouts and lessons in feline etiquette, Moz has matured into a well-adjusted and very sweet-natured kitten. He loved the company and we feel he would benefit greatly from being part of a ‘tribe’ – two or three cats who could provide companionship and continue to show him the ropes as he grows up, preferably in a rural area away from busy roads.
Because of Moz’s early struggles and his eye treatment needing to be completed, he is only just being offered for adoption at five months old and we will have him sterilised before he goes to a new home. He is already chipped and fully vaccinated, and his worming and flea treatments are up to date.
Moz is currently in foster in 82 St Antonin Noble Val but we can help him travel to a new home elsewhere in France. Please click on the link here  to see the little video a friend made of him finding hidden treats and enjoying his toys. He is a delightful happy and healthy kitten who is now ready to move on to a kind and caring home: could it be yours? If so, please contact us.
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