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These two lovely cats, just a year old, are healthy, happy and ready for the next stage of their lives. They were adopted at the beginning of the summer but sadly it has not worked out – not at all the fault of the cats. Their owners now realise that two lively and playful youngsters were the wrong choice for a retired couple living in an apartment and are anxious that they should find a new home with a younger and more active family. These cats have always lived inside but would love to have access to outside space if this were possible.

Mr Mac, the handsome ginger half of the partnership, is the more extrovert of the two. They both love to explore and will come for cuddles and to be petted but are too busy to be lap cats though they will happily share a sofa when they need to recharge their batteries. Black and white Maddie is a sweet cat but not as confident as her brother; it takes her time to feel at ease and relax with new people. They have never been separated and are very close so we definitely think they should stay together. Mr Mac and Maddie have lived with other cats but have only met dogs briefly.

Because of a digestive bug when they were small kittens which left them with sensitive stomachs their basic diet has been Specific croquettes which suit them and which they enjoy.

Mr Mac and Maddie are chipped, fully vaccinated and sterilised and have tested negative for FIV/FeLV. They are currently living in 06  Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes Maritimes) but we can help them travel to a new home elsewhere in France. This delightful pair are looking to join an active family who appreciate their readiness to play and explore so if you think that family could be yours, please get in touch.

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