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It has taken a while but we are delighted to announce that these two lovely young cats are now fit and well and ready for the next stage of their young lives.  Born last year, they were due to go to their new home before Christmas but they picked up an intestinal bug from another cat.  The strong treatment needed left their guts very sensitive and it was a while before a food was found which suited them. Once on the right croquettes they have never looked back and after an extra couple of months in foster we can say they are good to go!

Mr Mac, the handsome ginger half of the partnership, is the more extrovert of the two. They both love to play and will come for cuddles and to be petted but are too busy to be lap cats though they will happily share a sofa when they need to recharge their batteries. Black and white Dotty is a sweet cat but not as confident as her brother; it takes her time to feel at ease and relax with new people.  As their foster carer works most days they are used to amusing themselves while she is away and are quite independent. They are currently living in an apartment and could be adopted as indoor or indoor/outdoor cats.  They have never been separated and are very close so we definitely think they should stay together. Mr Mac and Dotty have lived with other cats but have only met dogs briefly.

The expectation is that as they grow up and their digestive systems mature they will gradually be able to eat most of the usual range of cat foods on offer. They are already enjoying occasional treats of chicken, turkey and white fish with no problem.  If preferred we would be happy for them to join their new family on a ‘foster first’ basis working towards a smooth transition to a wider diet before they are fully adopted.

Mr Mac and Dotty are chipped, fully vaccinated and sterilised;  they are currently in foster in Toulouse but we can help them travel to a new home elsewhere in France. This delightful pair are definitely ready to join their forever family so if you think that family could be yours please let us know.

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