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…and can run and jump just as well as when she had all four!

We think Nana was probably injured in a traffic accident but our involvement started when the vets who treated her asked us to find a convalescent foster home for her while she recovered from surgery and could then be offered for adoption

Nana is six years old and was already chipped and sterilised when she came to us – her vaccinations will be brought up to date before she leaves. Her fosterer was amazed at how well she adapted to the loss of her leg and how quickly she was virtually fully mobile again.  She has shown herself to be a sweet and affectionate soul who would make a wonderful companion for a family or someone living alone, in an apartment or maybe with access to a garden.   She would probably be happier as an only cat as she thrives on one to one attention and loves human company

She is currently in foster in TOULOUSE but we can help her travel to the right home elsewhere in France.  If you are looking for a happy, loving and characterful little cat then Nana would be the perfect choice, so please contact us.

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