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Ninou’s previous history is a bit of a mystery but we know he ended up in the SPA soon after Christmas.  He had obviously been someone’s pet and was very sociable so maybe his owner died or went into care.  At his age he was unlikely to be adopted so last month Les Amis found him a temporary foster home where he could have a thorough assessment and any medical needs sorted so that the right permanent placement could be found for him.

He needed some treatment on arrival for a respiratory infection but is now recovered and  enjoying being part of a family again.  His fosterer says he loves to be with people, enjoys being fussed and petted but prefers not to be picked up; a next-to-you-on the couch sort of fellow rather than a lap cat. He is calm and undemanding, enjoys his bed and his food and would make an excellent addition to a quiet household without young children where someone is around most of the time.  He is currently living in an apartment which seems to suit him well.  He is the only pet in his foster home but has of course lived with other cats in the refuge and was apparently never aggressive.

Ninou is chipped, sterilised and fully vaccinated and has tested negative for FIV/FeLV; he is available for adoption or through our Lifetime Foster programme where  Les Amis  will pay her vet bills. He is in foster in Toulouse but we can help him travel to the right home elsewhere in France. If you could offer this gentle and sociable cat a home for life we are ready to cover his vet expenses under our Lifetime Foster programme.  Ninou’s fosterers return to the USA at the end of the month so we are trying hard to find his forever family before they leave; if that could be you please contact us as soon as possible.

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