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Noël was adopted from Les Amis in 2019 and has been happy in her home and much loved by her family, including their toddler.  Three months ago there was another addition to the family but the baby is very sick and receiving specialist care for what appears to be a problem with multiple allergies.  The doctors are trying to identify and eliminate these wherever possible and are now positive that unfortunately Noël is among the triggers. Her owners are devastated to have to rehome her but they feel they have no choice as their baby is so very ill.  They have asked Les Amis to find kind people who will take her in and care for her as they wish they could continue to do themselves.

Now three-and-a-half years old Noel is an indoor/outdoor cat who uses a cat flap to come and go as she pleases. She is quite an independent little soul but like most cats is happy to be cuddled on her terms!  She is a keen explorer and enjoys climbing trees but is not inclined to wander far from the house. She loves spending time in the garden with the two-year-old and other children as long as they don’t try to pick her up. There are other cats in the neighbourhood and she is not particularly territorial – but she is frightened of dogs. She is active and healthy; she does have some cloudiness in one eye, the result of contracting herpes when she was very young, before she could be protected against it. It  doesn’t bother her and as an only cat or with cats who are fully vaccinated it shouldn’t be a problem.

Noël is sterilised, chipped, and fully vaccinated and is currently living in the Ariège (09600) but we can help her move to the right home elsewhere in France. If you can offer her a home you will be gaining a delightful young cat and her family will rest easy knowing that she is in safe hands, so please contact us urgently so we can put you in touch with Noël’s family.

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