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Stevie was found injured last October – something had attacked him and caused terrible damage to his eyes.  X-rays showed that he had been shot in the face and some pellets were still lodged in his head. Despite the trauma and the pain, Stevie still purred when stroked. He came into foster with Les Amis and has been slowly nursed back to health though his eyesight sadly is irreparable. He does retain a small amount of vision in one eye and is now fully mobile, jumping onto beds, sofas and most importantly laps!

Just recently after a violent bout of sneezing one of the remaining pellets lodged in his head was expelled through his nose, a reminder of the dreadful injuries inflicted on him.

Stevie has blossomed in foster and is charming, characterful, and the cuddliest of cats. Although he is happy and healthy he has tested positive for FIV so an ‘inside only’ home or one with safe outside space would suit him very well.   He is available under the Les Amis Lifetime Foster programme where all non-routine vet care is covered.  Now four years old, Stevie is chipped, sterilised and fully vaccinated.

Stevie is living in 82 Tarn et Garonne but we can help him move to the right home elsewhere in France. If you can bring Stevie’s long journey to a perfect end by offering him the kind and loving home he so deserves then please contact us.

There is more about Stevie’s road to recovery  on the Les Amis You Tube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCx7YVsvlk0

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