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Perle is a cat with special needs – she is diabetic – and so she will join our lifetime foster programme.  We are looking for a family who can provide this beautiful cat with a loving home; we will cover her veterinary costs (including the insulin for her daily injections) for the rest of her life.

She is ten years old and an affectionate and people-friendly cat.  She is very relaxed and adaptable and is fine with other cats. Although she was underweight when she came into foster now her diabetes has been stabilised she is a healthy, happy cat who enjoys her food and her cuddles.

Perle is chipped and vaccinated.  We are not 100% sure she has been sterilised but there has been no sign of her coming on heat while she has been in foster; at her age and with diabetes the vets are reluctant to subject her to an unnecessary anaesthetic but if she should show signs of coming into season then she will of course be sterilised. Apart from her twice daily injections which are simple to give and accepted without fuss, Perle is now a normal cat and in good health.

If you are able to offer this delightful cat a home of her own – she’s a Siamese X with beautiful grey-blue eyes – then please contact us.  She is currently living in 64 Lourdes but we can help her travel elsewhere in France. If you can provide the love we will make sure her medical needs are covered. Between us we should be able to give Perle the family life she is longing for

STOP PRESS! Perle’s fosterer needs to go to the UK for four weeks over Christmas and part of January.  If you live within about 2 hours of Lourdes and can take her for that period it would be a huge help.

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