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Since Minuit’s owner died he has been living in the garden and surrounding streets. Although he is being fed he very much misses human company.  Feline company he is happy to do without; he was only recently castrated and is already showing himself to be less of an alpha male but old habits die hard so we are looking for a home where this will not be a factor.  This is especially important as although he is healthy, Minuit carries the FIV virus so any skirmishes would pose a risk for other cats in the household.

He was spending most nights sleeping under a car parked in the street but during this very cold weather he has been given shelter in the attic space of a volunteer’s house (not possible to let him inside the rest of the house as she has several cats of her own). She returns him to his usual place each morning but when she stops her car in the evening he is there waiting and hops on to the passenger seat, ready for a meal and a warm place for the night. Minuit is a very affectionate and cuddly cat and he really needs a home of his own, not just bed and breakfast!

Minuit is four years old, chipped, castrated, now fully vaccinated and happy to use a litter tray if confined inside. He is currently living in the Gers but we can help him travel to a new home elsewhere in France. If you or anyone you know is looking for a single cat, a friendly companion, and an excellent mouser, then handsome Minuit would be an excellent choice, so please contact us.

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