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Since her elderly owner moved into a care home over a year ago, Pupuce has lived by herself in the home they once shared.  A neighbour calls in to feed her and tend to her litter tray but apart from that she sees no-one.  It’s a sad and lonely situation for a cat who was once much loved and cherished and so we are now doing our best to find her a kind home.

Pupuce is ten years old and since coming under the Les Amis umbrella she has been chipped, sterilised, vaccinated and has tested negative for FIV/FeLV.  She used to enjoy the garden but since being shut in the house with little scope for exercise she has put on an extra pound or two which will no doubt disappear when she can lead a more active life. At the moment Pupuce is a little hesitant with strangers and will need time to adjust to her totally new life but we think she will blossom!  As far as we know she has never lived with other cats or dogs and would probably be best suited to a quiet life as the only pet in an adult household.

Pupuce is currently living in 65 Hautes Pyrénées but we can help her move to a new family elsewhere in France.  If you could offer her a home that would be a great kindness; we hate the thought of her solitary life stretching into yet another year.

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