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Female: Born 1st July 2012

This exotic-looking lady (she is half Burmese) is eleven-year-old Robine who needs a new home following the death of her owner.  She has been in foster with us for a couple of months now recovering from the stress of losing the person who had been her sole companion since she was a kitten.  When she arrived she was definitely on the heavy side but a carefully controlled diet has helped remedy this and although she will always be a big cat she is now a healthier weight.

Robine would be happiest in a quiet one or two-person household.  She has always been an indoor cat and is not used to other cats, dogs or children.  The thing she loves above all others is to be brushed and while most cats respond eagerly to the rustle of the treats packet the sight of her brush in someone’s hand has Robine purring and waiting for her favourite activity to begin.

Robine is sterilised, identified and first vaccinated and is available for adoption or through our Lifetime Foster programme where  Les Amis  will pay her vet bills. . She is currently in foster in 82 St Antonin Noble Val but we can help her move to a new home elsewhere in France.  If you are looking for an affectionate companion to bond with over a grooming brush then please get in touch.

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