SAMSON AND DELILAH – a perfect pair

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Confident tabby Samson and his rather shyer black sister Delilah were born in a barn but brought into the house with their mother (since sterilised) to keep them safe from a neighbour’s hunting dog whose intentions towards the kittens were certainly not friendly. Since then they have become used to people and although still nervous of strangers are well on the way to being friendly and sociable house cats.

Samson and Delilah were born in November last year so are still only five months old.  They have recently been chipped, vaccinated and sterilised and are ready to go to a kind and patient home where they will be given time to adjust to their new surroundings.  Delilah is quite dependent on her braver brother and we are hoping these two will be adopted together. Once they are settled they will certainly need access to a garden or outside space.

The kittens are currently in 65 Hautes Pyrénées but we can help them move to the right home elsewhere in France so if this very appealing twosome could slot nicely into your household we shall be pleased to hear from you.

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