SETH AND ELVIS – inseparable brothers

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Seth and Elvis came into foster at the end of last year as they were born very late in the season.  Although they are brothers their temperaments are very different.  Seth is quite sociable and relaxed while Elvis is more cautious and takes his time to  get to know new people. He gains a lot of reassurance from his brother and is steadily growing in confidence.  Once he trusts you he enjoys the occasional snuggle – he just needs a little time…

They are currently living in an apartment and although they may eventually enjoy outdoor space they would need to settle in for a while first as they have never been outside. They are still a little fearful of loud noises and strange new things but are becoming braver all the time They have lived happily with another friendly cat  but their experience with a rather intrusive and over familiar dog when they were small has left them – especially Elvis – very frightened of dogs generally so a dog-free environment is definitely preferred. They would be happiest in a calm, quiet home without young children.

Elvis and Seth are being fostered in Toulouse but we can arrange their travel to a home elsewhere in France. If you could offer this handsome pair a forever family (there is no charge for the second cat when two are adopted together!)  then please contact us!

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