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Shura came into foster with us from the SPA with her four tiny kittens.  All went well for a couple of weeks until Shura became ill and was unable to feed her babies. With treatment she recovered quickly from the virus that caused her ulcerated throat but the kittens were too small to fight it and one by one three of them died. This left just little Tetley – who had a very mild version of the virus – to comfort her mum who was mourning the loss of her little ones.  Since then they have formed a really strong bond and we are very much hoping that Shura and Tetley can find a home together.

Shura has now been sterilised and is chipped and vaccinated. She has tested positive for FIV; Tetley has been chipped and first vaccinated but is too young to be reliably tested.  She is unlikely to have contracted FIV from Shura as the virus does not cross the placenta.  As it is now generally accepted that FIV is almost always passed on by fierce fighting or rough mating, Shura and Tetley (both calm and peaceable characters) should not pose a threat to any other cats in a household.   We rarely have female cats in foster who are FIV positive – mostly ex feral males – and we have in the past had enquiries from people searching for a sterilised FIV+  female to keep their castrated FIV+ male company.  If you, or anyone you know, are in this position then Shura (with Tetley too of course) would be the perfect addition to the family

Both Shura and Tetley are affectionate, sweet-natured and very easy cats.  Tetley is a typical playful kitten but they both enjoy their cuddles.  They are currently being fostered in Luchapt (86 Vienne) but we can help them travel elsewhere in France. If this delightful mother and daughter pair would fit well into your household then we would love to hear from you.

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