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Sidi arrived in foster as a young and healthy kitten but soon afterwards a sick kitten arrived and passed the infection to Sidi and his brother Timi; sadly, Timi didn’t survive. It took a lot of dedicated vet care and careful nursing to bring Sidi back to good health but without his brother he was lonely and sad.  It was not until another kitten, Oscar, joined him in the foster home that Sidi became the lively happy kitten that he is today. As the two are now so bonded we are very much hoping that they will be adopted as a pair (and the adoption contribution is waived for the second kitten when two are adopted together).

Sidi is a delightful kitten – playful, curious, and affectionate. He is around four and a half months old, chipped and fully vaccinated and his flea and worm treatments are up to date.  He is currently in foster in 82 St Antonin Noble Val but we can help him – hopefully with his best friend Oliver – to travel to join the right family elsewhere in France. If you think your family might fit the bill then please contact us. And it really is true that two kittens are twice as much fun and much less trouble than one! See Sidi and Oliver at play at

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