SOPHIE loves everyone – but dogs best of all!

All about SOPHIE loves everyone – but dogs best of all!

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Sophie is a  thirteen-year-old cat who was originally homed by Les Amis from the local SPA five years ago.  One of our volunteers noticed that she always tried to cuddle up with the grumpy old dog who shared the cat pen (he fought with other dogs but ignored the cats).  He never responded but she persevered so when a family with a dog were looking for a cat we thought Sophie might suit them. Sadly that didn’t work out; we think Sophie had never lived in a home and she simply hid away and came out at night.  Arrangements were made to bring her back to the refuge in Hautes Pyrénées from the middle of France where she had been adopted.  Les Amis were delivering a dog from the SPA to a family in Haute Vienne and so Sophie was to stay with that family overnight and return to the SPA with the volunteer driver the next day.

But that overnight stay proved very eventful!  The dog that arrived was, unbeknown to anyone, very pregnant and the following day gave birth to a litter of puppies. The adopting family generously agreed to keep her and to foster the puppies for adoption – and they looked at Sophie, wide-eyed in her crate while all this activity went on and thought ‘surely she can’t be that bad – leave her with us and we’ll see what we can do”.

And so Sophie’s new life began:  she lived in two large linked crates in the middle of the busiest family room, safe in her space while dogs, cats and people carried on with life around her.  The puppies grew up and were adopted but the family kept one, Iona, and she and Sophie would touch noses through the bars.  Little by little, helped by everyone’s patience and kindness, Sophie’s confidence grew until she was happy to leave her crate behind and become a full family member but Iona and she have remained special friends over the last five years.

Sadly Sophie’s owner is now very ill and all the animals have had to be rehomed.  Iona and her mum have been adopted by people whose itinerant life style does not suit a cat and so Sophie and another cat, Bonnie, are still looking for a home either separately or together.  Although Iona was Sophie’s best friend she is very much at ease with any friendly dog and ideally we would love to find her another canine companion.  Sophie is now a ioving, relaxed and healthy indoor-outdoor cat, at ease with people and other cats as well as dogs. She can be adopted but because of her age she also qualifies for our Lifetime Foster programme where we pay her vet bills.  She is sterilised, chipped and vaccinated and is currently living in 87 Chalus (Haute Vienne) but we can help her travel elsewhere in France. If you have a dog who would love a feline friend to snuggle up with then Sophie is ready and waiting, so if you think you can help please contact us

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