TIGRON & ZEBROU – brothers and best friends

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Tigron and Zebrou (more generally known as Tig and Zeb!) have been cared for under a Lifetime foster arrangement for the last two years and have led a happy inside/outside lifestyle.  Sadly their family’s domestic circumstances have changed, the house is being sold, and we are now looking for a new home for the two cats.  They are an easy-going pair who have been together all their lives.  Their general health is good though Zebrou has a mild heart condition which is controlled by daily medication (crushed in his food). Their Lifetime Foster contract will be transferred to their new family so Les Amis will continue to cover their vet bills.

Although the brothers are so bonded they are rather different In character with Tig (ginger and white) being more of a homebody and Zeb (tabby) being inclined to explore the area. They are friendly and affectionate cats and enjoy spending time with their family.  As they have always been together it would be unthinkable to separate them at this stage of their lives so we are looking for a kind home for them together where they will have access to a garden or outside space. They are sterilised, chipped and vaccinated and have been living quite companionably with another cat and a dog.

Tig and Zeb are currently in 86 Saint Romain en Charroux (Vienne) but we can help them move elsewhere in France.  If you could offer these active senior gentlemen a kind home for their remaining years you would be helping them – and us – a great deal while gaining a loveable pair of companionable cats.


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