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Our beautiful Tigs is at last ready for his forever home! He was rescued in a very sad state over a year ago and nursed back to health by the kind people who found him.  He then came into foster with Les Amis for more socialisation with people and other cats.

Just as he was ready for the wider world, Tigs contracted ringworm from a kitten he was playing with.  The kitten recovered quickly but treating ringworm in such a longhaired cat is very difficult:  poor Tigs had to be isolated while he was under treatment and his beautiful fur was completely shaved off so the lotion could be applied to his skin and progress could be monitored.  It was a long haul but the combination of lotion and oral medication eventually triumphed.  Even the vet cheered when the “all clear” lab results came back! Now his fur has almost grown back to its former splendour Tigs is hoping to find his new family very soon. He is chipped, castrated, and fully vaccinated.

Tigs is a loving, sociable and chatty cat who is always ready for cuddles.  His patience and forbearance throughout his treatment were amazing and his pleasure at being able to move freely around the house again and interact with other cats and people is lovely to see.  He is now looking for a quiet home without young children where someone is around most of the time; he would be fine with other non-aggressive cats but is not used to dogs.  His long coat needs regular brushing – he enjoys the attention! He would be happy as an inside only cat or with access to a garden.

Tigs is currently in foster in 82 Tarn et Garonne, but we can help him move to the right home elsewhere in France.  If you are looking for a furry friend, Tigs would be the cuddliest of companions – contact us today to find out more.

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