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Titch arrived at his present household three years ago as a 6-month old kitten with a serious throat wound.  He was taken in by the people who found him, treated for his injuries, chipped (25026959131846), neutered and soon proved to be friendly and appreciative – but only to the human members of the family!  Titch is an alpha male and is not prepared to share his territory with other cats – a problem for the two already in residence. He is currently living as a barn cat but would be very happy to be a house cat with access to the outside.

Because the current situation is very stressful for everyone, including the three cats, a new home is being sought for Titch where as the sole feline he can be unchallenged as Top Cat.  Titch is healthy and has been regularly treated for ticks and fleas but he has tested positive for FIV so will need to be in a rural area where he will not have to defend his territory from other cats. He is an excellent rodent exterminator!

Titch is definitely a ‘character cat’ and great company – he’s just not in the right home at the moment. If you could offer this handsome and affectionate young cat a fresh start as an  only cat, in a rural situation, then you would be doing him a great favour and would gain a good friend who is very happy to earn his keep. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with his current family.

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