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When he was scooped off the road after a horrendous road accident nobody gave much for two-year-old Twisty’s chances of survival.   He had neurological damage and severe injuries to his spine and even if he pulled through there was no way of telling if he would be able to walk again or if he would be incontinent. Twisty was transferred to a specialist vet, had extensive surgery and Les Amis then found him a foster placement with a trainee vet.

His recovery since then has been nothing short of amazing.  Regular physiotherapy from his carer meant that he was soon able to progress from cage rest to gentle exercise and that was just the beginning…  but the main impetus for Twisty’s recovery has been Twisty himself.  He is a brave and determined little cat and has won the heart of everyone treating him with his sunny temperament and his desire to get back to a ‘normal’ life.  He is now perfectly clean, able to run, jump and climb (albeit in a rather unorthodox fashion) and is ready for the next chapter of his life.  Hopefully this will be somewhat less eventful than the first!

Twisty’s strong will to live is what pulled him through and he is a characterful little cat, affectionate, friendly and expecting and enjoying lots of attention.  He has not spent time with other cats – on the one occasion when he was introduced he was quite dominant, so he may be better as a cat on his own.   At the moment he is an inside cat but he should soon be able to go outside. Twisty is chipped, castrated and first vaccinated and is currently in foster in Toulouse but we can help him travel to join a new family elsewhere in France. Twisty has fought so hard to get his life back – could you make sure it is now a happy one by offering him a home?  If you can help please contact us.

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