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Violet was obviously once someone’s cat, maybe she was abandoned or her owner died.  So she chose another home hoping they would be kind people who would take her in.  They were indeed kind people but sadly their dogs were not and so for her safety Violet is forced to live in the barn.  This is sad as she loves people of all ages, and enjoys being petted and stroked. It is also cold and draughty in the winter weather so we are looking for a new home for Violet. She is used to access to the outdoors so will need a garden or outside space but she will be very grateful for a warm corner – or maybe even a welcoming lap – as winter draws in.

Violet has already been sterilised and will be chipped and vaccinated very soon.  At that point the vet will estimate her age but we are pretty certain she is a young cat, possibly around two years old. She is currently living in 64 Betracq (Pyrénées Atlantique) but we can help her travel elsewhere in France.

If there’s a space by your hearth this winter for this delightful cat we would love to hear from you.

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