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Zack is a very well socialised and friendly male kitten who has been brought up with an assortment of dogs and cats He was found with serious untreated eye problems and needed surgery and extended treatment to save his sight.  This was very successful and though a slight cloudiness remains in one eye his vision is good and he is in no way handicapped. Although it is impossible to say whether he still has any remaining traces of the virus any normally vaccinated cats are fully protected.

The special care needed meant that Zack has stayed in foster longer than usual; he is now nine months old and he has now been sterilised; he is also chipped, fully vaccinated and has tested negative for FIV/FeLV. As Zack is already used to going outside he would not be suitable as an apartment cat. He is currently in foster near 65 Lannemezan but we can help with travel to elsewhere in France.

If you are interested in this friendly easygoing cat