Clips for Cliff

Les Amis supporter Marta Kepinska is going to be raising money for Cliff’s knee surgery and stem cell transplant by cutting off her waist length hair to as short as it will go – as long as she gets sponsorship.
For those who don’t know Cliff, he is a Griffon X who arrived in foster care with Martyn Cox and Jan Bentley in June 2023 with ear infections, incontinence and problems with his rear legs. He transferred to Lifetime Foster when the extent of his problems became clear. Over the last year, the dreadful ear infections have cleared but have left him completely deaf, he is still incontinent through a botched tail docking, but this is well managed to keep him clean and comfortable. Unfortunately, his back legs have recently been causing him extreme pain and discomfort. A visit to Les Amis specialist orthopaedic vet reveals he can be helped with surgery to his left knee and stem cell therapy in his right one. Even with our hefty discount, we still need to find €3000. And surgery is planned for the beginning of July.
So, step forward Marta, who adopted Pauli, a gorgeous 5-year-old Patou, a year ago from Les Amis following her knee surgery. Marta’s waist length hair is around 45 to 50cm in length and she says for every 60 euros raised she will cut off 1cm of her hair. She is prepared to go the whole way if we can raise €3000. Every cent raised from this fundraiser will go towards the cost of Cliff’s surgery.
We have 4 weeks to raise 3000 euros as Cliff’s operation is booked for 9th July. Can you help us ?