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The power of community

From A to B with Covoiturage

Co-voiturage is such an important part of what we do. Our fosterers play a HUGELY important role in what we do. These routes often involve several people doing legs of a journey which enables cat(s) and dog(s) to get to their new homes, be they fosters or adoptees.

This example of recent co-voiturage involving dogs going to foster homes is a really good example of one of the very important aspects of what we do.

This journey involved four dogs, all small types.   They were ALL in the refuge in Tarbes:-

  CHANEL – a senior dog

  QUENNY – needing training

  MARRON and VOLT  – both traumatised taken from an abusive  situation

The fosterers were not, of course, all close by!  Please see the map which shows where these poor wee dogs had to go.

Also we had a strong flight possibility with the traumatised ones in particular. We had no idea how well (or not!) any of them would travel, but we did know they knew each other as they had been penned together. The challenge in this case was keeping the number of handovers down to an absolute minimum without people doing seriously LONG journeys, and using experienced people who would not be fazed by scared dogs.

It’s our biggest fear losing a dog on transfer so we have to make decisions about the comfort of the dogs, their safety and not traumatising them even further.

Before anyone goes anywhere we do our utmost to ensure that drivers know exactly where they are picking up from, from whom, and where they are delivering to and to whom. Timings are worked out in advance; phone numbers and car makes are exchanged in advance.Those who are going to foster will very often do a part of the drive to meet at a mutually convenient point – and this was the case here.

It was “driver” Lianne who stepped up to do the collection from the refuge. We have to prepare the staff there ahead of time so that they can ensure, wherever possible, a dog is exercised (not so much in this case), and crated if needs be – as was the case for one of them here. In the event, they were separately boxed and set off.

Firstly, a two hour journey to Montauban from Tarbes. There Lianne met two people: Emma who was taking Quenny into foster; and Sunny who was doing one of the middle legs with the other three from Montauban to Cahors Nord. There she met Caroline who picked up the three and travelled on to Masseret where she met two of the fosterers – Joyanne picked up Volt now called Teebo, and Debbie picked up Marron to foster to adoptability,  but also Chanel as a short-term foster because her lifetime fosterer, Bill, had gone down sick. It meant we got Chanel within 1.5 hours of her new home. A few days later Chanel met her new dad and is now getting settled into her new home.

Chanel on a pit-stop with Sunny
Quenny meeting Emma

They all travelled beautifully, with Chanel chatting all the way!

We wouldn’t have stood a snowball’s chance without this covoiturage, put together within 24 hours. So grateful to our covoitureurs.

Can you help with co-voiturage?  A small journey within a whole event would be super.  No matter where you are, if you want to help please email us on Contact Us

A few days later we received these updates from the fosterers …

Teebo/Volt in his "niche" - the most traumatised of all. In a pen among the family so that he can relax and not get stressed and observe what goes on. "We nearly had a tail wag today - perhaps tomorrow."
MARRON - the last one - BIG BIG day today - Debbie dared to pick him up and he loved it! He's so traumatised
Chanel - to be Nellie - making herself at home
Quenny finally relaxing

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