ANOUSKA – is not going anywhere. RESERVED!!

All about ANOUSKA – is not going anywhere. RESERVED!!

M/F? F
Chip no: 250 269 590 278 820
Date of Birth: 01/09/2019
Breed: Berger/Husky
Vaccinated: Yes
OK dogs? Yes
OK cats: Not tested

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Anouska apparently spent her life shut in an apartment with an abusive owner. After her dramatic rescue, she was placed in foster with Les Amis, where she is learning what it is like to be a normal dog, exploring the world, playing with doggy mates and learning that people are good.

In less than a day, she has become very attached and friendly to her foster family, but is still wary of new people and situations. However, she is clever, curious and learns easily, so no doubt she will get braver! She doesn’t like to be left alone at present (not destructive, she just whines), but again that should improve.

Her most striking feature is her eyes – one is a beautiful amber, the other a milky blue. Her vision is not affected. Then there are her ears, which have been clipped when she was young.

Anouska is smaller than you might think, light and agile, a little mountain goat. She would suit a family with space where she can run around, ideally with another dog, and who can give her lots of attention.