CHIP NO: 250269101124359
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 March 2023
VACCINATED: Yes with passport
OK CATS: Yes, always with careful introduction

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Please meet ARCHIE – who has come through his training from zero to top of the class with flying colours and we and his fosterer are very proud to declare him “adopt-ready”.  He’s an absolute cracker!

This super dog, who was just under a year old when he entered foster with zero experience of life, of training, of living in a family, of daily routine . . . indeed of anyone taking more than a fleeting interest in him, has now transformed into a well-mannered, well-trained and proud-to-own family pet.

Inherent in ARCHIE is his charm, affection, beautiful temperament with not one gram of malice, and his eagerness to please.  He remains joyful and exuberant – he’s just one year old!  But he’s ready for a wonderful family home that is looking for a young dog to join their activities, continue his training showing him clear boundaries to ensure that all this hard work remains embedded for him.

ARCHIE has a tick in each of the following boxes:

  • Clean in the home
  • Basic commands: YES, NO, Sit, Wait, Down, Off, Come
  • Walks well on short lead and long line
  • Has pretty good distraction-free recall
  • Ok other dogs
  • OK cats
  • Travels well in cars
  • No problem being handled
  • Comfortable in busy surroundings
  • Lots of experience of the world

Here’s what his foster mum is saying after just one week:

Everywhere we go for a walk, people stop us to admire our fosterling, Archie. What is not to love?
Archie is very playful. Now he feels safe here, he spends a lot of time in the garden, playing with his toys, and even making them himself. For example, yesterday it was windy and he found an old shammy to tear up. Pieces blew around in the wind and he played chasing and pouncing for about half an hour. Very sweet. . . .
Archie is ready now to be adopted by an energetic family with time to continue his training, and who would appreciate an extravert dog: cheerful, loving, sweet tempered, gentle, confident, eager to please, funny, a quick learner and just a bundle of personality and joy.

If this handsome, joyful boy fills yours heart, please apply by clicking the link on this page or if you are already known to us, you can drop us a line at

ARCHIE is currently in foster in Department 34 (Hérault).

You can read about adopting with LesAmis here