BAICO – Full of Potential

All about BAICO – Full of Potential

Chip no: 250269101107332
Date of Birth: : 27/02/2018
M/F? M
Breed type: Border Collie X
Vaccinated: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: unknown

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Please meet BAÏCO – a dog who chose “his family” – not the other way around!  While he’s been in safety, well cared for etc, he is sadly not the right fit for the family he chose and so we are looking to help him find that family.

From being just a wandering dog from who knows where, for several months BAÏCO has joined a family and learnt a great deal about living in a home:  he is clean, can be left, quiet all night, no mess, no damage, travels well in a car, can be walked on a longline, and more recently much better on a lead.  He has learned his name and a few basic commands including recall.  His main “bad habit” which has been allowed to emerge is his desire to chase and to socialise!  His impulse control is now starting to be worked on and initial tests show good potential.

He is good with children, OK dogs (though may play a bit “rough” – a bit unaware of his size), OK cats used to dogs because they won’t run – otherwise he’d be inclined to chase for fun; OK poultry.

His fosterer describes him as playful, energetic, affectionate and love attention yet can be independent, would like to be a lapdog!!!  He is not a dominant dog but will guard “his” territory – no aggression.  Loves people – especially if they will stroke him.  His ICAD says Border Collie X – the X bit could well be some element of Pyrenean Mountain Dog  with him weighing in at 27 kg – rather heavier than your average border collie.

We had not anticipated that he would be an apartment dog, nor an urban dog.  Unexpected circumstances through illness have meant that he’s had to spend a few weeks living in a city and he has come out of that magnificently.

So what is BAÏCO’s family wish list?  He’d like a family that likes the outdoors and long-ish walks; that likes to play (he’s not really familiar with toys but responds well to games to help him learn); willing to help him “catch up” on his learning – in many ways he is still puppyish; want a loyal, loving dog – and love a big hairy lump!

BAÏCO is currently in foster in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrenées), but finding that right home is more important than location.

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