CHIP NO: 317NMC (tattoo - chip being linked)
BREED TYPE: Briquet Griffon Vendéen
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 September 2022
VACCINATED: Yes - underway
STERILISED: Planned soon

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Please meet BAILEY who was abandoned in the most neglected of states and is now finding his feet.

He knew nothing of the human world – even a bed was a novelty to him and he preferred to lie beside it than on it at first!  It was clear he had a fear of men – and perhaps that should not be surprising given his provenance.

BAILEY is the name given to him by his fosterer – he apparently did not know his other name!  And goodness! has this young dog surprised us!  He’s handsome now that his coat has been dealt with, still somewhat underweight, has taken to home living extremely well and learns something new every single day,.

Here are extracts from a couple of early reports from his fosterer which help to paint a picture of this lovely chap who is gradually getting ready for his forever home.

He was terrified to go to the vet – fine in car but didn’t want go into a strange building, but once with the vet herself he was amazing, put up with every exam and although he wee’d himself out of fear he pulled himself together and was great. He is so gentle and calm, much better than my own dog Stanley who also hates the vet! But Bailey doesn’t hate anyone he is just afraid. With the right calm encouragement he pulls it together. No hint of aggression at all even when fearful.

He is a clever boy though and after just a few days recall is good as long as he is not chasing anything ! Playing a few obedience games to help him get into learning mode.  He is a little listless and sleeping a lot so I haven’t pushed the training too much yet but doing 10 mins twice a day.  He is sleeping through the night and goes to bed with no crying.

These descriptions in terms of character align perfectly with what is written and said about this unusual BRIQUET GRIFFON VENDÉEN (the “standard” or middle size of the 3 griffon vendéen breeds) –

  • stoical (Bailey has a lump on his side which is diminishing caused by a bang or a kick);
  • independent (not worried about being left, sleeping alone at night);
  • willing to learn with positive reinforcement;
  • attention deficit when nose is involved in something else;
  • kind and joyful temperament.

This boy is irresistible and while not yet fully ready for adoption, if you are interested in him, please don’t hesitate to apply by clicking the link on this page or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line to

BAILEY is currently in foster in Department 16 (Charente).  As always with LesAmis, the right home is far more important than location.