BALEO dit BRUNO – For those who love velvet ears

All about BALEO dit BRUNO – For those who love velvet ears

Chip No: 250269100219587
Date of Birth: 01/01/2019 (guestimate)
Breed type: Grand Bleu de Gascogne
Sterilised: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes Primo done.
OK Dogs: Yes

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BRUNO has the most velvety ears on the planet!

Baleo, now called BRUNO, was abandoned by his owner along with two wire fox terriers on the grounds of ill health.  He was taken out of the refuge environment to avoid his being adopted by unscrupulous people.

Despite the fact that he had never really known any sort of comforts at all, never been in a house, and had very little experience of the human world beyond the deepest countryside, he has adapted extremely well to home-living – as indeed do most of these beautiful old French hound breeds.  The Grand Bleu de Gascogne and Ariegeois are no exception  – Although Bruno’s iCAD says he’s a Grand Bleu, we are more inclined to think he is an Ariegeois.

BRUNO’s foster family describe him as “fun-loving, playful, energetic, affectionate and non-dominant”.  He has already proven himself to be a good traveller, sits beautifully to command and gets on well with other dogs, including extreme gentleness with a young puppy.  There does not appear to be a bad bone in his body and is perfectly behaved even when his ears are being treated or he is being checked over by the vet.  Really unusually for a dog of his background he knows ow to play both with another dog and with toys (though “non-toys” are as attractive!).  If caught in the act with a shoe or sock in his mouth, he will drop it upon command.

Relatively new into foster the main focus of his training at the moment is his lead work, where he is learning to walk to heel as opposed to pulling like a train!  Once recovered from his castration he will have opportunity to go offlead too in a safe environment and so practise his recall which is coming along well . . . now that he knows he has a name.

He is a bit of a food gobbler and strategies are being tried to slow that down.  He even manages commands in both English and French, and he responds well to treat-based training methodologies.

COVID has rather hampered introducing him to different social environments (eg children (though when encountering other adults he is calm and well behaved), cafés, restaurants, public parks, markets etc.

In summary his foster family even at this early stage describe him as “an absolute delight.  He learns very quickly.”

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