BALOU – Affectionate Cocker needs a place to relax

All about BALOU – Affectionate Cocker needs a place to relax

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Please meet BALOU – who is having to look for a new home because his mistress who he adores and to whom he is totally faithful is too ill now to look after him.

BALOU has unfortunately over time been allowed to develop his role as his mistress’s keeper – to the extent that he gets very distressed and therefore angsty if people try and care for his mistress.  This is currently successfully being managed, but it is not a healthy situation for him as it is exacerbating the problem rather than improving it.  He therefore needs to move as soon as possible to the right home.  The family will not give up on him until the right home is found.

BALOU’s loyalty is not in doubt;  in fact he could do with a break himself and learn how to become a dog again so that he does not need to work so hard protecting what does not need protecting.  He is really affectionate, still full of vim and vigour, and adores playing.

BALOU is good out on walks, in good health.   He is good with dogs outside and indeed is successfully living with the dog belonging to the owner’s daughter.  As might be expected, his experience of the wider world is now limited and that needs refreshing.  We believe that once he realises that he does not have a job to do he can relax and once again become a great companion dog.  Cats are an unknown quantity through lack of experience.

BALOU has up until fairly recently had a good life, being a true member of the family and has a lot of the basics: basic commands, recall though not really let off lead outside of the home, good traveller, used to being handled (especially groomer!).

We are therefore looking for a family who is cocker-loving and ready and able to help him find a happier life than he is currently giving himself.  We understand that this may have to be a foster home in the first instance – and certainly a foster with view to adoption home until appropriate training work can be done to help him relax and learn what just being a dog is really like.

BALOU currently lives in Department 46 (Lot) – we just want to find the best opportunity for him regardless of location.