Chip Nos: UK chips being registered with iCAD
Date of Birth: 24.05.2012
Breed: Cocker Spaniel - show style (Blue Roan)
Vaccinated: Yes + passports
Sterilised: Yes both
OK Dogs: Yes

Enquire about BENTLEY and BUMBLE : ADOPTED!

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BENTLEY and BUMBLE are looking for a new home.  They would love for it to be together as they have been together the whole of their lives.  They are brother and sister who are full pedigree show cocker spaniels.

However, if that is not possible, then we shall be assessing the feasibility of them being allowed to go separately to cocker-loving and understanding homes.

BENTLEY and BUMBLE have had to come to us because of sad personal circumstances – and leave behind a heart-broken owner.  But she has selflessly put them first.  They are now in foster together where they are being well cared for and allowing us to learn more about each of them as an individual.

Before they are going anywhere we need to make sure that both of them are in the best possible state of health.  BENTLEY  we know was born with a cleft palate and has just a very small hole remaining.  Having arrived at this good age, it is clear that it is not a huge problem for him and the lack of problem with his palate has been confirmed by our vet.  He is deemed to be in good health.

BUMBLE has been sterilised and all has gone well.  There appears to be little to worry about with her “lumps and bumps”.

Both had eye infections which are now being medicated.

His fosterers are realising that BENTLY is the laid-back gent, a bit “lazy” but with selective deafness when he has something interesting to investigate.  BUMBLE suits her name – a busy bee, loves her tennis ball and always on the move but at the same time the least independent of the two and a devoted companion.

Both have the constantly wagging cocker tail.  They have been taken out and about in the car as far as is allowed and they are extremely good travellers.  Equally they can be left alone in the home without any problems.  All in all – described by the their fosterers – they are “very easy to have around”.

Currently fostered in Department 31 – Haute Garonne.

If you are interested in them, please

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