BERTI – adopted!

All about BERTI – adopted!

CHIP NO: 981000008577882
BREED: Red Smooth Min Dachs
VACCINATED: YES with Passport

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BERTI has only just gone into foster following an urgent appeal for help from the daughter of his owner.  He’s with a fosterer well experienced with Teckels and he’s settled well despite having had quite a lot of upheaval in his life recently.

These are the early comments from his fosterer – you can see that he already brings smiles every day!

He’s such a comedian, he bounces 3 times before jumping on your lap

BERTI loves tummy rubs and I think would really like to play but withholds for some reason  I think Berti would love a lot of travelling – such as in a motorhome.  He’s a good traveller and loves to sit on a lap (securely attached of course) and watch the world go by.

Typical of his breed BERTI is territorial, quick to bark at “danger” but equally quickly distracted from it with treats.  Food is always number 1 interest!  He is already good on and off lead provided there are no distractions.   If distracted, he currently has poor recall and a desire to chase. So typical of his breed he is immediately drawn by anything that runs.  My old cat has seen everything before and doesn’t run for anyone . . .  and BERTI is very respectful of him.

Although very small – weighing in at around 9 kg – BERTI is nevertheless a “real” Teckel – ie he eats anything and everything,  and rolls in fox pooh given half a chance.

Currently  he’s not so good with voice commands but treats are the key. For those he’ll come running.  He is not likely to run off – but could get lost if giving chase.

In other words this boy is quite a character!  No real problem, just true to his breed !!  He is originally from the UK – hence the different chip number.  Application has been made to register him on iCAD, so we are waiting before he can be officially adopted.

If however you would like this rare opportunity to get a little lad like BERTI, please do not hestitate to get in touch.  Apply online if you are not already approved using the link on this page.  Or if known to us already, drop us a line at