Chip No: 250268502157633
Date of Birth: 5 April 2021
Breed Type: Border Collie (vet assessment)
Vaccinated: Yes, primo done
Sterilised: Not yet
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats, Poultry, Livestock: Not yet tested though lived on a farm environment
OK Children: No reason to doubt for respectful children

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BETSY recently arrived into foster and was immediately a heart-melter with her quick-to-wag tail and beautiful eyes.

BETSY has remained unhomed with a number of her siblings since their birth six months ago – not maltreated, not abused, but neglected other than for food.  This is what her fosterer says:

In the short time she’s been here BETSY has responded well to other dogs, although she is understandably timid and wary as she has until now had to vie with about 7 other dogs at mealtimes (one bowl for all of them).

Believed to be a cross between a collie, maybe a little german shepherd and a slice of ‘question-mark’ BETSY’s coat is velvety and delightful.  She loves being stroked and petted and adores sitting by my side and calmly receives attention. Her good nature and high emotional intelligence was clear from the start and within one hour of one-to-one teaching she had learnt sit (in English and French) and takes a biscuit very gently as her reward. She’s come out of herself and is playful and mischievous and she shows all signs of being a great companion.

She is currently jumping up a little and likes to grab tassels so with a little training she will learn to be met at floor level. Already she communicates to be let out for wees but there have been a couple of little misplaced toilet-occasions; considering she has had limited valuable human interaction and no training in her 6 months she is doing so so well.

Warning: Houses with pet daddy-long-legs need not apply . . . she has found her favourite game already! And she’s pretty good at it!

Currently weighing in at 11.5 kg at just six months old, her adult weight is expected to be around 18 kg.

If this long-legged and graceful beauty called BETSY has grabbed your heart, please get in touch with us on  All emails are answered promptly

Her perfect home would be one where she continues to receive lots of mental and physical stimulation to help her to become that beautiful companion when she grows up.

BETSY is currently fostered in Brittany but can be adopted throughout France – and even farther afield.