Chip no: 250269300316112
D.O.B: 31/12/2022
M/F? M
Breed type: According to ICAD "epagneul" but clearly Griffon x!
Castrated? Yes
Weight: 18kgs
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes

Enquire about BILLY: RESERVED!

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BILLY has now moved into foster where he will be getting some basic education to build on what he already knows.  He was such a lovely and good boy during the covoiturage to get him to his new foster home and settled easily and well on his first new nights.  So things are auguring really well for this very sweet boy.

BILLY is sitting in the refuge awaiting his perfect family.  He’s an “older” puppy – just about 7 months old at vet guesstimation and he is just perfect for development.  However in order to do that he needs a loving family who are happy to work with him through the basics.  He does already walk well on a lead!  And that in itself is unusual!

He does not like to share his food and so feeding separately at least for the moment is advised if there are other dogs in the family – and that is the only negative that has come forward about this young lad.

BILLY’s wish-list therefore includes:

  • A family prepared to take on an “older” puppy – he is already house-trained having lived with a young couple who abandoned him to the refuge.
  • A family who would teach him the basics and then help him learn to have fun living in a family environment – he may not have had much of this as a youngster.
  • A family who – above all else – would give him some stability, consistency and love.  In return he would shower you with affection!

BILLY is currently waiting in a refuge environment in Department 65 – and this is not at all conducive to his needs – there is simply not the time to spend the required amount of time and effort with him at his age.

If you can help BILLY, please get in touch by applying online via the link on this page or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line to