BLUE – hopefully found his home

All about BLUE – hopefully found his home

Chip No: 250268732160258
BREED: Border Collie (Merle)
DOB: 1 April 2017
VACCINATED : To be updated
OK CHILDREN : Older children definitely.
OK DOGS : Yes – lives with
OK CATS : Not used to at all
OK POULTRY : Takes no notice in coop
OK LIVESTOCK : Horses worry him a little
SIZE : 23 kg

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We are trying to help BLUE, whose Mum has fallen on hard times, to find a new home. He was originally one of our fosterlings as a puppy, and happily adopted for the last couple of years.

BLUE has a sunny character and is a charming affectionate boy. He loves to play, loves his human, and, if he could, would happily be a lap-dog!!  As with all young border collies, he has boundless energy, which is easily spent because of his love of his red ball with which he would play all day. And of course he loves his walks.

BLUE is delicate in his ways, even when he wants something, gently proffering a paw . . . even to indicate he needs to go out for the necessaries!

BLUE has spent his adoptive years deep in rural France, so his experience of the wider world of markets, cafés, etc has not been able to be expanded or developed since he was much younger. He does however know how to sit quietly to let traffic pass and thus he does not chase. Plus he has basic commands under his belt. There is nothing to doubt that he would not enjoy a busier environment with gentle introduction (when that becomes a possibility for everyone). He is well used to walking on lead and harness outside.

As often associated with this breed colouring, there is potentially a vision issue with BLUE – probably peripheral which means he can be startled quite easily if approached from the side. He is not aggressive in any way. There is however no deafness as he hears a treat wrapper without a problem!   He is used to using a crate and happily goes in if being left for a couple of hours or so. He does not currently use it at night, but could. BLUE is intelligent, loves his food and is happy to learn new things.

BLUE would benefit from a calm home and would love to be centre of attention! He has not had that privilege being always with other dogs. He does love to play with his bestie, but he would probably find a “bestie” among other walking or play friends – and does not need to live with.

BLUE currently lives in Department 53 (Mayenne) but can find his new home anywhere in France to approved applicants. If you are interested in this lovely, fun-loving and affectionate boy, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to