BONNIE : Reluctant re-home – so much to give

All about BONNIE : Reluctant re-home – so much to give

CHIP NO: 620098590027731 -Portuguese chip being registered with iCAD
DATE OF BIRTH: 11 December 2020
BREED TYPE: German Shorthaired Pointer
VACCINATED: YES with Passport
CHILDREN: No experience - see text

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BONNIE has come to us, along with her pal TESSA, to find an alternative home.  They could be together but logically we know they will likely need to find a home apart.

BONNIE is described as a German Shorthaired Pointer and has the energy and enthusiasm of a young working dog.  She is eager to please but can be easily distracted.   There is however not a mean bone in her body – just a wealth of joie de vivre.  For anyone truly interested in training, in building a great partnership with her, she is just ripe for this.

Her re-home form shows a lot of ticks in being good in the home (house-trained, non-destructive when left – albeit always with canine company, eats well, knows how to relax and sleep through the night, etc), in being handled both by owner and vet, having had experience of the wider world, travels well, and many basic commands already under her belt.  Even though she can forget herself and pull on the lead, she is responsive to requests to try and contain herself!!!  All real positives.  Channelling her wonderful joie de vivre – she already loves swimming – into canine activities, or into long hikes,  – is what she is made for.

BONNIE is happiest running in the fields, near the river or the beach. then curled up on her bed (or my bed!) for a well deserved night’s sleep. She eats a lot with gusto.

BONNIE’s history is unknown other than she was taken into shelter by her current owner because she was wandering the streets.  Whatever her background, it is clear that she has had a lot to learn in a relatively short space of time . . . and has done so very well indeed.  She does have some nervousness around new things and sudden movements but is learning with reassurance that she is safe.  She was apparently scared of the broom, but no longer is.  For this reason alone we are not sure about her reaction to young children with their sudden quick movements. She is more likely to hide and would not react – but it has to be said that she has not experienced children.   Older, respectful children who are able to better understand would not be a problem.

She does love the company of other dogs, having had to spend a lot of time in doggy day care and kennels.  That is why she is totally attached to Tess – they play for hours.  HOWEVER, we have to recommend their being split because of their different training needs . . . unless it were with a family with two adults interested in doing their separate training!

BONNIE needs a home that can offer her security, understanding and patience particularly in the early days, and lots of love always.  She will repay that a thousandfold.

If you are interested in BONNIE, and feel you can give her the kind of active home she needs and deserves, please complete the online application form on this page, or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line at

BONNIE currently lives in the Aude.  Finding the right home for her is far more important than location.