BONNIE – growing in confidence

All about BONNIE – growing in confidence

Chip number: 250269604902801
DOB: 22/01/2013
M/F?: F
Breed: English Bull Terrier
Vaccinated including passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
OK Children: so far unknown
OK Poultry/Livestock: so far unknown

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BONNIE, a 7 year old English Bull Terrier who was used (indeed ABused) for breeding, is yet another BonCoin horror story.

We can only imagine the dreadful life she must have had, for on arrival in foster with Les Amis she showed every sign of being totally shut down, depressed, even traumatised. The kennel sores bore witness to a life lived on concrete and for the first few weeks in foster BONNIE could only relieve herself on hard surfaces – grass was simply an unknown surface for her. She had obviously had little interaction with people or other animals.

For the next few weeks things were up and down. Clean in the house apart from an odd ‘accident’ she slowly began to learn how to play and accept cuddles – then for no apparent reason would regress and avoid interaction. Not overkeen on going outside, given the chance she would immediately trot back indoors, her favourite spot being on, or on difficult days, behind the sofa.

Then miraculously things started to change.  Gentleness and consistency started to pay off.  While still timid and non-dominant, BONNIE is making slow but steady progress.  Looking at her now you would not guess the hardship she has endured.  BONNIE is running and playing with balls, gets on well with the resident dog and totally ignores the cat. She has been impeccably behaved at the vets, has survived her first bath and is good in the car.  As yet she has no experience of children, poultry or livestock.

Her foster family continue to focus on building her confidence and recall, but eventually basic training will become an ongoing process.  If anyone merited a good life from now on, it is BONNIE.

As if her previous life had not been hard enough – when it came to sterilisation it had to be combined with a mammary strip on one side (second side to be done in a few months’ time).  She is now in recovery and has been incredibly stoical and brave about it all.

If you would like to know more about this lassie who has come so far already, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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