BOSE – our big boy with a huge heart

All about BOSE – our big boy with a huge heart

Chip no: 250268723026767
Breed type: Beauceron X
Date of Birth: 16/08/2018
M/F: M
Weight: 44 kg
Passport & Vaccinations: 21/08/2020
Castrated: Yes
Anti-Parasite: 30/07/2020
Other dogs: Good with male and female after correct integration
Cats: Curious as has had little experience
Poultry and Livestock: Not tested

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At just under 2 years old this magnificent Beauceron cross had proved to be too big and strong for the elderly couple who had adopted him as a cute little puppy. Uncastrated, unchipped and unloved, he was kept chained and controlled with harsh words and possibly worse. Euthanasia was on the cards!

From the moment he came into foster with Les Amis, BOSE immediately proved himself to be quite the cuddle-bug, nervous of his own shadow but just desperate to love and be loved. Everything was new for him – living in a house, walking on a lead, going in a car – all so scary. But he is a bright boy and has gained in confidence day by day. His foster mum reported that it would take him at least 2 months to become adopt ready, such was his anxiety. But BOSE has proved us all wrong. He is now completely clean in the house, is good in the car, his recall is all but perfect, he walks to heel and even the oh-so-difficult ‘Stay’ word is beginning to have the desired effect. He has been to busy places and although still nervous of strangers and sudden movements he has never once reacted adversely. On arrival his appetite was poor,  but as he gained in confidence, this improved and he now loves his food. But whether it is his food bowl, a toy or a bone, to his credit, he allows his foster mum to remove them without demur. Even at the vet’s BOSE has been immaculately behaved.

Although he lives in the house, BOSE also adores his outdoor pen and will happily settle to sleep in there . He can be left alone in both the house and the car. He is not protective of his own space, but likes to feel needed to protect his foster mum and house. At 44 kgs, it would be a brave burglar who challenged that bark!

Here is what his foster mum says:

“Bose is a loyal dog who adores his humans. He is really calm and relaxed in the house and follows you everywhere. He is very playful – a big teddy bear. However, his first meeting with a stranger (adult, child or animal) can be scary for him and his first reaction may be to bark. Because of Bose’s size this can in turn frighten the person, so ongoing vigilance and training in new situations and with new people will be necessary. He is a big dog with a huge heart, who would love the company of another playful dog but would be equally happy alone to devote himself entirely to a loving owner.”

If you feel able to offer BOSE the love, security and ongoing training and socialisation that he needs, then do please contact us for further information. This fabulous boy will repay your efforts many times over.

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